Quality and safety

In high traffic areas where heavy loads are transported and very powerful machinery is used, optimum visibility is vital for safety. For that reason it is essential to provide properly functioning lighting in and around commercial vehicles and lorries. No compromises should be made with regard to lighting power, as well as in terms of resilience and durability. Waterproof seals, impact-resistant housings, unbreakable lenses and shock-resistant lighting systems are therefore all standard at PROPLAST.

History and tradition

Ever since PROPLAST was founded in 1979, we have manufactured our own products with qualified employees in our own factory in order to meet our own, extremely high quality requirements. With the latest production machinery and our own tool shop we deliver innovative advances in terms of technology and design – specialising in lorries and commercial vehicles.

Design and aesthetics

Another point which must not be underestimated is the aesthetic component. As well as a high technical performance we also place great emphasis on achieving up-to-date, modern standards in terms of design and styling. New, modern shapes and bright lighting in rich, strong colours exert an almost magical fascination on people, and this effect is multiplied with the impressive size of lorries and commercial vehicles.

Competence and performance

Efficiency is at the forefront in the development of our high-quality products, because reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions not only promote environmental protection but are also easy on your wallet! The motivating factor for PROPLAST is to manufacture high-quality lighting systems for all sectors in which lorries and commercial vehicles are used, from trailers through transporters and tractors tight up to agricultural and construction machinery.