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Blink Unit for Sidemarker Lamps

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  • direction indicator control system for sidemarker lamps according to ECE R48, Rev. 6.
  • input voltage 10-30 Volt
  • max. switched current 1A
  • waterproof
  • ambient temperature -30° - 60°
  • available as:
  • Version Universal
  • Versin DC-Flatcable
  • Version AMP
  • 1 unit per vehicle side
  • ADR approved, IP6K9K
  • ECE R10 approved, EMC

ECE Regulation 48, Rev. 6 establish, for vehicles of categories O3 and O4, which are homologated after 18.10.2017, the sidemarker lamps must flash in the same phase and frequency as the corresponding direction indicators.

Random number of side markers may be connected to the cable of the output side, which will be centrally switched by the Blink Unit. The whole current consumption of the side markers may not exceed 1A!

The possibility to use this has existed since 1 October 2015.



Length (mm) 80
Width (mm) 61
Height (mm) 22
Weight: (kg) 0.16
Manufacturer Universal
Weight 0,16